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Our decentralized voting tool allows your community to perform on-chain governance with ease.

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Decentralised quadratic voting
at your finger tips

Decentralised voting for transparent elections

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Tamper resistant


Quadratic Voting is a better way of voting. It allows you to express more than simply your favourite choice. You are given a number of credits you can distribute to the options according to how you feel about them. You can also give negative credits to the options you don't like. The effective number of votes you cast for a given amount of credits is the square root of the absolute number of credits. This encourages you to vote for multiple options instead of piling all your credits on one choice. In this way you effectively get to rank the options according to your preference, and also express the extent to which you like or dislike an option.

Create a poll

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Create questions

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Decide how many credits each voter has

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Launch poll

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Share via link or QR code

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Run poll for a short event or a month long

Quadratic Voting

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Voters exchange votes with credits, producing nuanced data

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Enabling them to express their values and opinions

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Collect results

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See the nuance in your audience’s opinion and understand them with greater precision

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Advance data visualisations

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