Autonomous Management

According to McKinsey, an average fortune 500 company faces roughly $250m a year in losses due to ineffective decision-making. With QVote, you can radically improve the efficiency of your decision-making.

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Maximise the efficiency of decision-based meetings
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Formalise the decision-making process
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Give everybody a unique voice based on their interest in the decision

Cross-Border Integration

  • Reduce the feeling of isolation of remote workers
  • Be empowered to give your remote workers a sense of purpose
  • Enable a powerful environment of support, communication and trust

According to HBR, over two-thirds of remote workers report that they are unengaged. By using our service, employees can accurately voice their opinions, leading to higher engagement, and in turn, productivity.

Incentivise employees to voice honest, representative views
Ensure anonymity and integrity in decision-making processes
Increase trust both internally and externally

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