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Our advanced voting / polling tool allows your audience to express themselves with more nuance than ever before

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Precise and inclusive voting
at your finger tips

Versatile solution with a focus on ease of use and innovative data visualisation

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Live events

Engage any audience in real-time with live polling and futuristic visualisations

Market research

Obtain more nuanced and precise data from your polls through the power of Quadratic Voting


Inclusive governance and customer-centricity for your company, student society or other organisation

Create a poll

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Create questions

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Decide how many credits each voter has

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Launch poll

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Share via link or QR code

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Run poll for a short event or a month long

Quadratic Voting

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Voters exchange votes with credits, producing nuanced data

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Enabling them to express their values and opinions

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Collect results

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See the nuance in your audience’s opinion and understand them with greater precision

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Advance data visualisations

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