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Give your employees a voice

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Give everybody in your organisation a nuanced and powerful voice

With QVote, your employees can express themselves with nuanced precision. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence natural language processing, they can even express themselves in their own words!

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Maximise the quality and efficiency of decision-making

QVote delivers nuanced and granular data to managers in an organisation. Armed with the knowledge of employees working closely on the decision in question, organisations can reap the rewards of inclusivity and make more informed decisions

Formalise the decision-making process

QVote enables organisations to structure decision-making processes to make the best of use employee insights and knowledge spread across an organisation. Doing this speeds up the process of decision-making while removing the frustrations that come with lack of clarity.

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Understand your customers better

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Take customer-centricity to a whole new level

QVote gives you insights that are both nuanced and granular. You can segment your target audience into tiny groups and develop a deep understanding of each group which will enable you to build products, services, branding and marketing that are tailored incredibly specifically to each customer.

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