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Engage more meaningfully with your audience

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Quadratic voting poll

Precise, nuanced information in real time

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Quadratic voting - the most precise way of collecting your audience's opinions

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Nuanced and precise expression

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Collect meaningful and comparable data

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Artificial Intelligence

Natural language processing

Data is more than just numbers

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Express yourself using your own words

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Analyse the sentiment

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Understand and visualise the meaning behind the language your audience uses

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Real-time visualisation

Innovative data visualisation that evolves with participants

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Engage with your audience in real-time during events

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Observe individuals change their perceptions and opinions over time

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Monitor real-time engagement to create tailored programmes and relevant polling

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Build deeper relationships with your audience


Armed with a nuanced understanding of your audience, you can engage with audience members taking into account their relative preferences and opinions. Interact with them based on their opinions and tailor your content to their desires!